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Frank Jackowiak is a seasoned, expert photographer. As a Professional Marketing Representative for Nikon, Frank called on professional photographers all over the world, tested new camera equipment, and provided memorable imagery for numerous publications. His client list includes; Canon, Sears, NASA, Chrysler, Amoco Oil, Air & Space, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Frank's expertise includes the documentation of space shuttle launches for NASA as well as other aviation events. Throughout his career, Frank has worked with art directors to create effective visual promotional solutions for their clients. He is equally comfortable assisting non profit organizations create award winning photography for grant proposals under tight deadlines.

Frank is also a well-liked and sought after photography instructor by anyone seeking to make sense of their cameras. Frank has the innate gift of encouraging the "artist within" each student. With a Master's degree in Education from DePaul University and a dozen years in the classroom, Frank's humorous, patient, and engaging teaching style makes learning photography a breeze. Having taught photography at the college level, in both digital and old school analog film that includes darkroom processing and development. Frank is equally comfortable assisting students with whatever medium they choose to express themselves photographically.

Frank is the author of Introduction to Photography - An Instructional Workbook that has been used by hundreds of students all over the country to help them make sense of their camera. Written in an easy to understand format that mimics his teaching style, this workbook has inspired readers to reach out and explore photography further.

Frank lives and teaches in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is available for presentations nationwide.

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