Your Camera Vision


What local photography resources do you recommend?

A great local resource is PJ's Camera at 662 Roosevelt Rd., Glen Ellyn, Illinois - Phone: 1.630.790.1133.

Who are you and what are you doing teaching photography???

I'm someone who has been taking pictures all my life, literally. I built my own darkroom when I was in the 6th grade, and bought my first SLR camera with my 8th grade graduation money. I have a successful freelance business and have been teaching a variety of college photography classes for a dozen or so years. My passion for making photographs has integrated every part of my life and I'm sure once we meet that will be very evident.

Can I take private classes or lessons?

Sure, but I'd encourage you to try a regular class first because the interaction between students can be very helpful. However if that's not for you we can work out whatever you need.

What is your re-scheduling or refund policy?

Easy, you can re-schedule with no penalty with at least a 24 hour notice. My classes are usually full and this will open seats for other students.

Unfortunately, If you don't call at all and do not show up for your class you forfeit the fee you paid for class. I think this is fair arrangement.

If you find the class you took was not what you expected you get your money back, no problem at all.

Please call me with any questions.

Where do you teach your classes?

I have taught classes all over the country but most classes are held in the Naperville / Plainfield area.

I don't have a fancy camera, what are your thoughts?

With just a basic camera you can do amazing things, BUT you have an understanding of how it works. I've had many students who have inherited or dug out an old family camera and produced outstanding photographs.

I have more questions and I'd prefer speaking to you directly, can I do that?

Absolutely! Just Contact Me.

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